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Dante Muccino’s Corals

The Mediterranean vegetation of Muccino is rich in posidonias, roses and sea daisies, sponges, peacock tails, cystoose, cimodocle meadows, sea umbrellas … all painted with art and carotid care. It is coral, braided with glowing colors and plots in which the eye is lost, Muccino transforms its canvases into precious contemporary art tapestries.

(In the picture Dante Muccino with Mayor Giorgio Devoto)

These unique OT works, have large sizes from 270 X 140 to 130 X 150 and have a strong impact on furnishing.

They have been painted by the “Maestro” for some private collections around the world and have a value tied to the authority of collectors that in part own these paintings.

In Portofino, the Maestro, during the Exhibition in April 2005 at Teatrino in Piazzetta gave them to famous movie stars and international finance authorities.